Joe will promote policies that create real middle-class housing that relieves our hard-working families

Too many individuals and families are struggling with housing issues and too many are just one paycheck away from being homeless. Too many businesses find it hard to attract quality workers in such an expensive housing market.
There’s no reason to accept the status quo when we have the will and talent to make it better.

Joe will work to revitalize much-needed community service programs. These have been given low priority in the best of times and cut back even when their loss caused hardship. Now that individuals, families, businesses, and community institutions are facing unprecedented challenges, it’s time to help people who need it NOW.

Fiscal challenges often require hard choices, but it’s ridiculous to always tilt the scale in the same direction. Simi Valley’s most vulnerable residents are just as worthy of respect and support as anyone else in our city. Especially when supporting them strengthens our entire community.

We are at a challenging point in our city’s history. We ALL need to work together to build a better, brighter, more resilient Simi Valley community. In the future, beyond our current challenges, everyone will be heard, everyone will have housing, everyone will have equal rights, everyone will have a living wage and everyone will be welcome.