Simi Valley and COVID-19

The Actual Response to COVID-19

In response to COVID-19, Mayor Mashburn has chosen to do the absolute
minimum, paying lip service to state and county health advice while also making it official policy to not enforce health directives.

That policy places the burden of protecting public health entirely on the shoulders of essential workers, their managers, and business owners, without any police or city backup.

It’s too much to ask a population that’s already sacrificing much and under a great deal of stress.

And it’s already had deadly consequences: being the only community in
Ventura County that’s refused to enforce state and county directives means that we have vastly higher rates of infection.

Simi Valley and COVID-19

Yet throughout this crisis, we’ve had almost twice the number of COVID-19 cases as either of those communities. Week after week, we’ve ranked second or third in per-capita COVID-19 cases in all of Ventura County.

The only difference between Simi Valley and our neighbors is that Simi Valley is the only community that has made it official policy not to support individuals and businesses by enforcing state and county health directives.

Do we really need to be the LAST community in Ventura County, or perhaps all of California, to fully open? Lives, health, schools and businesses matter more than making partisan points.

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